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Puppy deposit for 2024 litter(s)
Puppy deposit for 2024 litter(s)

Puppy deposit for 2024 litter(s)

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English Shepherd Puppy Deposit

We are proud to be the Only Licensed English Shepherd Breeder in NY State! License #1188

This is a $100 nonrefundable deposit for 1 puppy.  $900 cash will still be due when you pick up your puppy from our farm in Williamson, NY.  Puppies are $1000.  Deposits never expire and lock in the current puppy price.  We are expecting more litters throughout the year!


$900 Cash is Due when picking up your English Shepherd Puppy

For more information about our dogs, please click here.

Please contact us with any questions you have prior to making your deposit.

We will work with transporters and have recommendations of reputable transporters.

Included with each puppy:

  • Online Photo Updates (at 3, 5 and 7 weeks old)
  • Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS)
  • Naughty Pumpkin Farm's Puppy Protocol / Puppy Culture
  • Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) 
  • Veterinary Report Card of Puppy Health
  • First puppy shots (5 way dog vaccine at 7 weeks old)
  • De-wormed (at 2, 4, 6 and 8 weeks old)
  • ESC registration
  • UKC registration
  • 2-3 day supply of Puppy Food
  • Puppy Collar (7.5"-13")
  • All warranties and guarantees provided by NYS Licensed Breeders
  • Lifelong Client Support

Each puppy is loved, socialized and immaculately cared for right up to the time they move on to their forever home with you.  They are exposed to dogs, cats, horses, goats and people.  We pride ourselves in the high level of nurturing we provide your puppy, so they are in the best quality of health possible when you bring them home. 

When puppies are around 2-3 weeks old, all deposit holders will have a 24 hour selection period to select a puppy ONLINE, before we make puppies available to non-deposit holders.  More details are emailed well in advance, so you will know exactly how it works and have a heads up on when selection begins. Each puppy will be individually listed with their color, gender and parents.  Deposits never expire and lock in the current puppy price, in case the price goes up in the future. If someone doesn't/can't get a puppy from the current litter, they can wait until the next litter.


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