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About Our Dogs

Meet Our Dogs:

English Shepherds are a heritage breed, whose ancestors were some of the first dogs brought to America. Males tend to get around 60 to 65 lbs.  Females tend to get around 40 to 50 lbs.  They are a great working breed and/or family pet.  One great feature about them is their "off switch".  They can work all day and then come in and relax with your family.  They are great with kids and other pets. 

We believe that English Shepherds, like other "collie" breeds make a great working dog.  However, they will also be completely happy not living on a farm herding sheep.  All English Shepherds may have some "herding" instinct, which can be simply satisfied by playing fetch or similar activity.  Letting them patrol your/their yard and taking them for walks absolutely suffices to satisfy their energy needs.  In our honest opinion, what makes the English Shepherd the best of the "collie" breeds is their off switch.  They are able to come inside at the end of the day and relax with their family. 

We believe there are 3 temperaments when it comes to dogs: aggressive, neutral and passive. All of our puppies are raised to have a neutral temperament, without a prey drive.  Neutral means that they are self-confident, have coping skills, enjoy interacting, and happily play with other dogs.  But, they are also content to find non-destructive ways to amuse themselves, if there is no one to play with.  Obviously, some training is required and chew toys/bones should be provided (especially during teething).  But, the bottom line is that none of our puppies have ever shown signs of aggression or passiveness (unhappy, fearful, anxious).  They make the best companions.

For our breeding program, we wanted each puppy to have very diverse genetics.  So, we traveled over 2,000 miles from New York to Montana to get our Stud, "Rolly". Our puppies have an incredibly rare and unique mix of East Coast and West Coast genetics.  We believe this gives them their amazingly fluffy, strong, teddybear-like appearances that we have come to love and have not seen anywhere else.  But, appearances are definitely not everything.  Our puppies live with us, as family until they go onto their new families.  By doing this, we believe they are the most socialized puppies you will ever meet. 




ESC/UKC Registered Name: Naughty Pumpkin Farm Rolly

Color: Tan Point Sable

Born in Montana, Rolly is a wonderful companion who shows enthusiasm for working on the farm.  He is calm and loving with a personality that always keeps us entertained.

Rolly, Winter 2019
Rolly, Summer 2019
Puppy Rolly Sleeping on Couch
Puppy Rolly Playing in Snow

Rolly Predigree: 




ESC/UKC Registered Name: Naughty Pumpkin Farm Coco

Color: Tricolor

Born in New York, Coco has a loving and calm demeanor.  She enjoys working the goats and outdoor adventures.  However, she also loves to relax at home and has become a loving and loyal companion.

Coco, Summer 2019
Coco with Baby Goat, Spring 2019
Puppy Coco
Young Coco with our Daughter

 Coco Pedigree:



ESC/UKC Registered Name: Naughty Pumpkin Farm Poppy

Color: Clear Sable

Born in Oklahoma, Poppy has a loving and sweet demeanor.  She enjoys working the goats and outdoor adventures.  However, she also loves to cuddle up on the couch at the end of the day.

Poppy Summer 2023
Puppy Poppy
Puppy Poppy Cuddling on the couch

 Poppy Pedigree:



ESC/UKC Registered Name: Naughty Pumpkin Farm Pumpkin

Color: Red Sable

Born in New York, Pumpkin is a half sister to Coco.  She is athletic and strong.  She is the most independent member of our pack, but still enjoys attention and cuddles.  

Pumpkin having creek adventures with our daughter, Estella
Pumpkin cuddles on the couch.
Pumpkin loves resting by the window.
Pumpkin loves going for walks by the creek.

Pumpkin's Pedigree:



ESC/UKC (in process) Registered Name: Dogwood Hollow Dixie Darling

Color: Tri-color (Black and Tan)

Born in Mississippi, Dixie is a super sweet and super loyal addition to our pack.  She is exceptionally calm and eager to please.  She is playful, smart and affectionate.  She loves to cuddle and get belly rubs.

Puppy Dixie on her birth farm in Mississippi.
Dixie loves her toys!
Dixie really loves her toys!
When she isn't playing with her toys, Dixie loves cuddling on the couch.

Dixie's Pedigree: