About Our Dogs

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(Naughty Pumpkin Farm Rolly)

Born in Montana, Rolly is a wonderful companion who shows enthusiasm for working on the farm.  He is calm and loving with a personality that always keeps us entertained.

Rolly, Winter 2019
Rolly, Summer 2019
Puppy Rolly Sleeping on Couch
Puppy Rolly Playing in Snow




(Naughty Pumpkin Farm Coco)

Born in New York, Coco has a loving and calm demeanor.  She enjoys working the goats and outdoor adventures.  However, she also loves to relax at home and has become a loving and loyal companion.  We look forward to seeing the future generations she will pass these wonderful traits onto.

Coco, Summer 2019
Coco with Baby Goat, Spring 2019
Puppy Coco
Young Coco with our Daughter