We Have Goat Kids!

About Us

We started Soapestella in 2015 after the birth of our daughter, Estella.  Our previous occupations weren't cutting it for us anymore, so we decided to start a soap company.  Yes, we think we were crazy too!  We started selling at The Rochester Public Market.  We also tried The CNY Regional Market.  We received a lot of exposure and a lot of positive feedback.

In 2016, we moved to Macedon, NY.  We found a good deal on a storefront with an apartment above it.  So, we moved into our small 1 bedroom apartment and opened for business downstairs.  We had some really awesome customers.  But, we just couldn't get enough business in Macedon to make it work.  We're still in business and pursuing other things too.  

The Crew:

Estella (The Inspiration)
Our daughter Estella is the inspiration behind everything we do.  She keeps things interesting.  She has grown up in the soap business.  She was picking up and smelling bars of soap before she could walk or talk.  She's also really good with animals and maybe a future Veterinarian.  She caught this chicken all by herself at just 3 years old.  She is the Estella in Soapestella.
Mary (Full-Time Mom and Soap Maker)
She is the brains, creativity and skill behind Soapestella.  When you come back for more, it's because of her hard work and research.  
Mike (Dad and Soap Salesman)
Mike handles the business side of things from Sales to Record keeping.  He has sold quite a lot of soap over the years.